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KLMA Phils has installed a comprehensive Psychological Assessment Program in response to the requirements by the “K” Line Ship Management and Manning Companies to ensure the hiring and retention of highly competent Seafarers and Staff who are not only technically adept but likewise psychologically fit individuals.

The KLMA Phils Psychological Assessment Services is aimed to provide:

  1. A thorough & objective psychological evaluation of applicants/candidates to ascertain  emotional suitability for employment, scholarship grant, retention and/or promotion.

  2. Assistance to “K” Line Affiliate Manning Companies in assessing whether the applicants  are “good fit” in terms of personality & ability.

  3. “K” Line concerned Officers insight on the applicants/candidates personality.

KLMA Phils prides its extensive battery of standardized psychometric tests which were carefully selected to ensure responsiveness to the “K” Line Group psychological assessment requirement which include but not limited to:

  1. Intelligence & Ability Tests which measures general reasoning, comprehension, critical thinking, verbal & numerical reasoning.

  2. Personality Tests which gives insights into applicants/ candidates’ behavior, predominant traits, strengths & weaknesses, emotional stability, interpersonal styles & motivations.

  3. Other Tests to evaluate aptitude, leadership competencies, decision-making & organizational skills.​

Psychological Testing is conducted to measure the applicants/candidates’ intellectual ability, aptitude, and personality & job competencies. Likewise it is further utilize to detect and/or confirm presences of incapacitating traits that may impede job performance. The tests are administered & interpreted by KLMA Phils In-House experienced & highly qualified Psychologists. A strictly confidential written assessment report will be sent to the referral “K” Line affiliate manning companies which may serve as an objective basis for any employment actions and decisions such as any of the following:

  1. Selection and Hiring of New Crew/Staff

  2. Transfer/Promotion

  3. Career Movement/Development

  4. Training Needs Determination

  5. Repatriation of Crew

  6. Counseling

  7. Screening and Selection of “K” Line Scholars

  8. Screening and Selection for Principal Cadetship Program

The Psychological Profile Report shall basically include, depending on the purpose/s of the endorsement, the following information/data about the subject crew:

  1. General Mental Ability and Aptitude

  2. Work Variables – Strengths & Weaknesses

  3. Emotional Condition

  4. Interpersonal Skills

  5. Key Personal Traits

  6. Leadership Skills Profile (for Supervisory level)

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