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KLMA Phils is committed to deliver the highest quality of marine inspection service to the “K” Line Group in accordance with the “K” Line Ship Standard Quality (KLSSQ). KLMA Phils, in coordination with “K” Line Ships Inspection and Audit team, manages, plans, directs and controls the conduct of the Marine Inspection Services provided to the “K” Line Group by the KLMA Marine Inspection Team.

KLMA Phils ensures the effectual and systematic discharge with
utmost care and professionalism on the following service tasks:

A. Vessel Inspection

  1. Conduct inspection on board “K” Line operated vessels based on the “K” Line Ship Standard Quality (KLSSQ)

  2. Evaluate the condition of vessel based on KLSSQ requirement

B. Administrative

  1. Document the inspection results which include

  2. the noted/observed deviations from the KLSSQ


  3. Provide recommendation on the necessary steps to

    be undertaken to ensure vessel conformity with the

    KLSSQ requirements

  4. Conduct briefing to vessel crew on the result of the

    inspection to point out areas for improvement and

    deviations from the KLSSQ standard requirements as

    observed and noted during the inspection

  5. Prepare photo documentation of the conducted


KLMA’s Marine Inspection service complies at all times with the “K” Line Standard Ship Quality (KLSSQ) utilizing the standard Inspection Checklist designed and provided by “K” Line Head Office.

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