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Specialty Cuisine Course (International Cooking Course)

This course is designed to meet the Principal’s requirement for Cooks with proficiency in preparing Chinese, Indian, Bulgarian, and Japanese cuisine.

Health & Galley Management Course

This course is designed to instruct the Chief Cook and Second Cook on how to carry out the tasks and duties at the Galley efficiently and effectively.

Japanese Cooking Lessons for MLIT License

The course covers the theoretical knowledge and the practical cooking skills which Ship’s Cook is required by Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism (MLIT).

Ship’s Catering Services NC I

This course is intended to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes required in rendering catering services onboard ship in accordance with maritime industry standards. It includes center aptitude in providing mess hall services; perform housekeeping services as well as providing assistance in receiving and storing provision and supplies.

Ship’s Catering NC III (Ship’s Cooks)

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of Ship’s Catering Services NC III in accordance with industry standards.  It covers specialized competencies on supervising the preparation of meals, performing victualing services, supervising the maintenance of galley equipment and utensils and related areas and establishing and maintaining catering standards.

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