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ISM/“K” Line Quality and Safety Management System

This course is designed to give proper knowledge with the current ISM Code, and covers the objectives/principles on the development of KLSM Safety Management System in compliance with the ISM Code. The ISM Code sets an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and requires companies to document and implement clear procedures, standards and instructions for safety management ashore and afloat. As the Code requires every ship operator to have a documented management system focused on the company’s “Safety and Environmental Protection Policy”, it is likewise necessary that crewmembers manning the company’s vessels be conversant with the Safety Management System developed and implemented by the company.

TNKC ISM/SMS and Pre-evaluation

This course is a refresher of the latest revisions of the TNKC SMS including the latest memo circulars, information letter and developments in the TNKC fleet. This said course is a requirement for officers and crew before having the online examination of TNKC with a view to derive maximum benefits from the proper implementation of the SMS.

Ship Security Awareness Training and Seafarer with Designated Security Duties

This course is intended to provide the knowledge required for seafarers with designated security duties in connection with a Ship Security Plan (SSP) to perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 74 as amended, the ISPS Code, and section A-VI/6 of the STCW Code, as amended.


This course mainly addresses the knowledge of international maritime law embodied in international agreements and conventions, especially to responsibilities under International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, as amended.


The subject matter includes Introduction; MARPOL Annex I (Prevention of Pollution by Oil); MARPOL Annex II (Control of Pollution by Noxious Liquid Substances); MARPOL Annex III (Prevention of Pollution by Harmful Substances Carried by Sea in Packaged Form); MARPOL Annex IV (Prevention of Pollution by Sewage from Ships); MARPOL Annex V (Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships); and MARPOL Annex VI (Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships).

Portable Gas Detector

This course is intended for deck and engine personnel boarding any type of vessel. It is designed to familiarize trainees in the calibration. Operation, care and maintenance as well as limitations of portable gas detector commonly used onboard “K” Line vessels.

Basic Computer Operation Course

The course is designed to familiarize Officers and Ratings on Basic Computer Operation. The course covers introductory knowledge in computer hardware and software, which are being used onboard “K” Line vessels.

Hull and Machinery Insurance

This course provides generic training in the basic concept of Hull and Machinery Insurance provided by SOMPO JAPAN to KL ships. It is designed for all marine officers-in-charge of any shipboard operation whose collective responsibility involves protection of the ship against any avoidable perils of the sea.

Ship Security Officer Course

This course aims to provide knowledge to those who may be designated to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Ship Security Officer (SSO), as defined in section A/2.1.6 (and section A/12.1) of the ISPS Code, and in particular the duties and responsibilities with respect to the security of a ship, for implementing and maintaining a Ship Security Plan and for liaising with Company Security Officer (CSO) and with Port Facility Security Officer (PESOs).

Lifeboat Release & Retrieval System (NISHI-F CML 21)

The end in mind of this training is to enhance the safety operation of Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems (LRRS), particularly on Nishi-F CML-21 lifeboat type. The main purpose is to prevent the recurrence of accidents during maintenance, inspection, launching and retrieval of lifeboats. The training will meet required knowledge and skills related to stability of the hook system, locking arrangement and hydrostatic interlock.

Basic Scaffold Handling Course

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