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Coastal Clean-up

The "K" Line MESP 6th batch participated in the simultaneous clean-up activity.


The "K" Line MESP 6th batch has participated in the worldwide simultaneous clean-up activity in the celebration of the 28th International Coastal Clean-up las September 21, 2013 at Brgy. Doljo, Panglao, Bohol.

The said event was spearheaded by the 542nd Philippine Navy Reserve together with Crytal e-College to involve the students in the environmental and community extension program of the school.

In the said activity, the MESP 6th batch together with the other Ce-C students and NROTC Officers have combined forces to rid the coasts of Brgy. Doljo from rubbish and palstics. This activity is done to promote environmental awareness especially on the coastal areas of the country which has long been polluted with sewage and garbage disposal.

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