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Regular "K" Line Scholarship


“K” Line in its desire to ensure continuous supply of qualified and competent Filipino Deck and Engine Officers on board “K” Line fleet, the Regular “K” Line Scholarship Program (RKS) was developed. This program aims to select students enrolled from accredited maritime schools both in deck and engine courses; and are given scholarship once they passed the standards set forth by “K” Line. At present, there are four accredited schools participating in this scholarship: 1 Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA), 2 John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University, 3 University of Cebu (UC-METC), and 4 Lyceum International Maritime Academy (LIMA).
ME+ Scholarship


The “K” Line Mechanical + Marine Engineering Program (ME+) is established in response to the existing shortage of Marine Engineer Officers. The program aims to ensure continuous supply of globally competent Engine Officers on board “K” Line vessels. ME+ is a five-month bridging program in “K” Line’s accredited school, VMA Global College, transforming Mechanical Engineers to become competent Marine Engineers on board “K” Line fleet. The objective is to transform Mechanical Engineers to become useful, effective Engineers on board “K” Line vessels. 
MESP Scholarship


This scholarship program offered by “K” Line with KLMA Phils. as its administrator, aims to select students from different secondary schools (high school)  in the Philippines.

Those who will be qualified to be “K” Line Scholars will be sent to CRISTAL e-COLLEGE, “K” Line’s accredited school located at Tawala, Panglao, Bohol.

“K” Line has adopted this strategic measure to prepare its own supply of competent marine officers onboard the ever expanding “K” Line fleet.

“K” Line Scholars shall complete Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation.

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